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Important Message About JHC Events:



Unless otherwise noted, all events are for the students ONLY. Please be sure to carefully read the flyers for all information pertaining to the event.

We plan many different kids of events:

  • Some events will be drop-off only.

  • Some events will have a maximum number of participants.

  • Some events will be for specific grade levels only.

Here are the guidelines to determine which events to sign up your student:

  • Middle school (MS) refers to students in 6th -8th grade, ages 11-13 years old.

  • High school (HS) refers to students in 9th -12th grades, ages 14-18 years old.


All of our events are chaperoned by at least two homeschooling parents. We understand that this may be your first year with JHC, or that you may be uncomfortable with dropping your student off with people you do not know. For this reason, we are asking that you come five to ten minutes before starting time in order to sign your student in, meet the hosts/chaperones, and check out the location or facility where the event will be held. In today’s world of technology, most students have a cellphone. We encourage you to have your student call you for pickup if he/she wants to leave or feels uncomfortable.

Also, it is very important that when you sign your student in, that a good contact number is left with the host in the case of an emergency.

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