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Prom 2020

Prom 2020 is quickly approaching. The JAHC prom committee is working behind the scenes in an effort to put together an event that you do not want to miss.


Prom 2020 is scheduled for May 2, 2020. We have some surprises in store for our seniors, but we need an accurate head count. If you are planning on attending the JAHC Prom 2020, please pre-register HERE.


We are accepting nominations for Prom King & Prom Queen. If you are interested in being a nominee, please submit a short video campaign HERE. The video will be uploaded to our JAHC Facebook page so that their peers get to know them better before voting.

Girls Dressed for School Dance


JAHC would like to honor our actively  engaged seniors at a luncheon on Thursday, May 21, 2020.

Please submit five(5) pictures of your senior (different ages, growing up, to the present day) to be included in a slide presentation.

Click HERE to submit your pictures and RSVP. Only two (2) guests allowed per senior.

Healthy Lunch

Class of 2020

Calling all JAHC Seniors!!! Who are you? What have you accomplished? We want to get to know each and every one of our Seniors. Here is an opportunity to brag on yourself. Submit a graduation (or senior) picture of yourself along with a short bio talking about your hobbies and/or interests.

We want to know all about your achievements throughout high school, and any after graduation aspirations you may have.

Do you have a favorite saying?  As a senior, you want to leave behind a legacy, and your senior quote is the perfect place to make your mark. Sweet or silly, be sure to wow your peers with your words of wisdom. Include your senior quote with your submission. 

Submit your Senior Bio HERE.

Graduation Hat Throw
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